Due to COVID-19 some Spring 2021 events may be cancelled. Please note that GTCF will not provide refunds due to cancelled events. However, in some cases, GTCF will review the circumstances and may offer credit towards future orders.

Access Codes

Number of Seasonal Access Codes ($64/season) :
Number of "One Day Use" Codes ($25/day) :
"One Day Use" includes unlimited leads on this day for this device only. Be sure to purchase seasonal leads according to your seasonal rentals.

Leads (student scans)

Number of Requested Leads: - or - Unlimited ($1400)

Email address to receive scanned student data

Check here if the scanned student data should be sent to the individual using the device.
To maintain the highest security standards we require one email address for all students data
If the scanned student data should be sent to one individual only, provide their email address below.
Email address:

Do you use bulk mail to send information to students?

USPS Address Verification: student's self-reported address converted to USPS bulk mail compliant format, added to leads (does not replace the self-reported address). Flat rate: $150 per season no matter how many leads you process.
Yes, I want address verification service
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Leads 0 $.14
Address Verification $150

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