Fall 2016 Season is for September, October and November

Step 1: How many Scanners do you want to PURCHASE?

Scanner prices are in the table below. Enter the number of scanners in the box.
Purchased scanners are yours to use for the entire year and longer. You will still need to purchase the number of scans you anticipate for each season. Fall scans purchased will not carry over to spring season and vice versa.
* Each Scanner comes with a 1 year warranty

Quantity Cost Per |  
1-4 $499/each |  
5+ $449/each | Number of Requested Scanners:
Add an additional year to each scanners warranty ($20/each)

Step 2: How many Leads do you want?

All leads are priced at .12 cents per record. Minimum order is 500 leads. The leads you are purchasing are for the Fall 2015 Season. Leads that are not used will not carry over into the next season and there is no refund for unused leads. Please order carefully.
Number of Requested Leads: - or - Unlimited ($1200)

Step 3: Do you want our address verification service?

Address verification service is valid for the entire season of your rental/purchase. You will still need to purchase leads for each season. The address verification service does not transfer season to season. This service is provided at a flat rate of $100 per season.

Yes, I want address verification service

Step 5: Shipping Information (No PO Boxes)

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Address 1: Phone:
Address 2:  

Step 6: Billing Information

Same As Shipping  
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Last Name: State:
Email: Zip:
Company: Country:
Address 1: Phone:
Address 2:  

Step 7: Lead Retrieval Email

Check here to use one email for all leads

Step 8: Payment and Delivery Information

Orders will begin to ship on January 3rd.

Shipping Method
FedEx 3 Day FedEx 2 Day FedEx Standard Overnight FedEx Priority Overnight
Tax Exemption
Are you tax Exempt?
Payment Method (Download W-9 form) (Show Billing Address)
Visa Mastercard American Express Check (Payable in US Funds to "TRC Corporation")
Card Number:
Cardholder Name:
Expiration Date: /
CVV Number:

Step 9: Terms and Conditions

Check box to accept our Terms and Conditions


You will be able to confirm your order on the next page before a final submittal.
Order Summary
  Qty Price Total
Purchase Scanners 0
Warranty 0 $20
Leads 0 $.12
Address Verification $100
Instant Contact $200

Tax   $0
Shipping   $0
Total   25